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Welcome to the Apple Fitness Store

20 Jun 2018

8 Common Misconceptions About Exercise

When it comes to fitness, there is a lot of information circulating around. And some of that information is false or outdated. Today we want to expose some of the most common exercise myths we hear perpetuated.

1. Cardio is the only way to burn fat:

Cardio is a wonderful way to burn fat, in fact, it burns more calories per minute than strength training does. Yet, cardio only burns fat while you are working out. Strength training continues to burn fat after you’re done working out by elevating your metabolism! Combining cardio and strength training is the best way to get an overall body transformation.

2. Lifting weights will bulk you up:

It is a myth that you will bulk up form picking up a pair of weights over 10 lbs. Building muscle mass takes an insane amount of time and dedication and isn’t something achieved without intention.

3. You must spend a lot of time doing cardio to get a good workout:

It is a myth that you must do cardio for 30 minutes or longer to see results. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the best way to make the most out of a short workout. This training technique requires you to give 100 percent effort in short burst with rest in-between. This keeps your heart rate high, allowing you to burn more fat in less time.

4. You should stretch before your workout:

Performing static stretches before a workout can be detrimental and lead to more injury because it overstretches the muscles. A better technique is to perform dynamic stretches that will warm up the muscle. Think of moves like high-knees, leg swings, arm circles etc.

5. Sports drinks are the best way to hydrate:

For most regular athletes, sports drinks are unnecessary and provide no additional health benefits. Sports drinks are best reserved for people taking place in high-intensity activity for 90 minutes or longer. This is because their bodies require sodium and potassium replenishment. If you are only hitting the gym for an hour, skip the sugar and stick to water.

6. Mornings are the best time to work out:

Morning workouts have some small benefits like kick-starting your metabolism for the day. Overall, there isn’t a significant benefit to working out bright and early. Our thought process: whatever time you can find the time to hit the gym is the best time for you!

7. No pain, no gain:

You don’t need to kill yourself at the gym to reap the benefits of exercise. Sure, going hard in the gym feels good! But elevating your heart rate to a moderate level is beneficial too and it means shorter recovery times. Additionally, if a workout is causing you pain, stop the exercise. Working out should not be painful and if it is, there is likely something wrong.

8. You can lose stomach fat by doing crunches:

You cannot burn fat in a targeted area by working it out! To achieve fat loss in stubborn places you must reduce your overall body fat. That means you will lose weight all over, rather than a specific area.

Were any of these myths a surprise to you? Which myths would you like to banish?