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Welcome to the Apple Fitness Store

16 Jan 2019

Why Active Recovery is an Essential Part of Any Fitness Routine

Active Recovery:

Recovery is an essential aspect of any training routine and should be incorporated into your weekly fitness schedule. It is important because It gives your muscles a chance to repair and strengthen themselves before your next gym session. Allowing your body to recover will replenish your energy stores and enable you to crush your next workout. We know it can be difficult to take a day off, especially when you’re hitting your grove. However, engaging in active recovery will pay off in the long run!

Active Recovery vs. Passive Recovery:

Passive recovery: Passive recovery simply means no activity. It refers to letting your body completely rest. There are times that passive recovery is ideal, listen to your body and passively recover when necessary. The only down-side? It can lead to you feeling stiff and sluggish.

Active recovery: Active recovery refers to recovering while engaging in low intensity-movements. Active recovery allows your body to repair muscles and restore energy. Additionally, it often helps athletes avoid stiff, sore muscles. Active recovery can take several forms from massage to light activity. Massage and light activity increase blood flow which aids in faster recovery.

How to Actively Recover:

Muscle roller:

Muscle rollers are one of our favourite ways to actively recover! They offer deep tissue therapy on days you really need it! Rolling will help stiff muscles relax while increasing blood flow. We recommend The COREFX High-Density Roller (click here). It features a firm material designed for moderate to heavy use, meaning it will hold its shape over time!

Muscle ball:

Muscle balls are great at targeting tough to reach places! Use them to loosen up your muscles after a tough workout. Using a muscle ball can help your muscles recover faster while increasing your mobility and flexibility! There are several designs to choose from, including the smooth COREFX Recovery Ball to the textured COREFX Muscle Activator.


Just because it’s your recovery day doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch! In fact, it might make you feel worse. Hop off the couch and head outside for some fresh air (or hit the treadmill). Walking is a great way to get your blood flowing without overexerting yourself.


Cycling is a great way to keep yourself moving on your rest days. Simply hop on your indoor cycle and spin at a low resistance. Avoid the urge to bump up the intensity, this is a time to rest and repair your muscles. Set your indoor cycle to a pace where you feel your blood pumping, but you aren’t challenging your muscles. You should feel rested after your ride!

Additional Recovery Techniques:

Now that you have the basics covered for active recovery it’s time to talk about the basics. Set yourself up for success by getting enough sleep, eating well and drinking plenty of water. All these techniques will help you feel healthy and strong while avoiding burn out!