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Welcome to the Apple Fitness Store

21 Nov 2018

Our Top Winter Fitness Tips

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler and unfortunately, workout motivation is lacking! Knowing that we have many months of oversized clothing and good food ahead of us doesn’t exactly get us excited to hit the gym! We’re hoping these winter fitness tips will give you the boost you need to continue on your fitness journey.

But winter workouts don’t have to be dull. It is the perfect time to try out new exercises and activities! Here are some tips to make your winter fitness fun!

Try Something New:

The changing weather offers you an opportunity to switch up your workout routine. Changing your workouts can be an excellent way to push past plateaus and keep your body guessing. There are many effective and fun indoor workouts out there. It is up to you to challenge yourself to try something new!

Try a Group Fitness Class:

Winter is the perfect opportunity to give group fitness a try! Whether you are interested in cardio or strength, there is something for everyone. It is a fun and easy way to try new activities while being monitored by an instructor. The instructor will ensure you are completing your new workout in a safe and effective manner. Try Taking a group fitness class with a friend, not only will you get to socialize but you will have someone holding you accountable.

Another bonus, group winter fitness classes offer serious motivation on days you just don’t feel like leaving the house. Use your classmate’s energy as motivation to get a seriously killer workout.

Embrace the cold:

Working out in the cold has its benefits, firstly that you’ll burn more calories! Your body’s metabolic rate will increase to keep your body warm and that will give you a jump start on burning calories even before your workout begins!

Dress for the Weather:

Properly dressing for the cooler weather will help you stay comfortable and motivated during your winter fitness routine! The most important thing when it comes to winter workout attire is dressing in warm, thin layers! Look for moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry during intense exercise. And don’t forget your hat and gloves!


Invest in a console for your favourite cardio machine. Fitness console technology has come a long way in recent years! Kick your workouts up a notch this winter by investing in a new console that will keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Not only do they come with endless entertainment options, and some will even convince you that you’re in the great outdoors. The Life Fitness Discover SE3 Console has interactive courses that make you feel like you’re exercising all around the world. Keep yourself motivated with features like run social, where you’re able to race against friends! Click HERE to learn more about the Discover SE3.

Maintain your Progress:

If none of these reasons were enough to motivate you, then think of warmer weather! You put in a lot of hard work over the summer to get to where you are today! Don’t let it go to waste. Focus on a maintenance routine this winter so you are in top shape for next year. Maintaining your fitness level is a lot easier than starting from scratch next year! Be ready for your spring marathon or road ride by sticking with it this winter.

Don’t forget to get a good warm-up in before your winter workout. This will help prevent injury.